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Empowering organisations to mindfully create mentally healthy & engaged workforces

Wellbeing in the workplace goes far beyond tick-box initiatives, discounted gym memberships, one-off wellbeing awareness days and apps, and is instead about continually creating an open and inclusive culture and an environment where everyone can thrive. 


An engaged and mentally healthy workforce builds upon trust as a foundation to foster belonging and psychological safety, in order to cultivate the conditions to thrive.


I believe in the power of taking a proactive and preventative approach to supporting the mental health of every employee.  Driven by a decade of experience in marketing, employee engagement and wellbeing along with my own curiosity and desire to learn more, I take a strategic approach to understanding where you are, currently, and support you in getting to where you would like to be. I work with you to tailor solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, and focussed on empowering your people, throughout the full employee lifecycle and beyond.

Georgia Emms Wellbeing Consultant

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Kawal Matharoo, HR Business Partner


“Georgia offers an impressive combination of knowledge, experience and passion in the area of wellbeing.
No matter the subject or the challenge at hand, Georgia has been able to provide constructive and tailored solutions to support our organisation. She has been pivotal in our wellbeing strategy, supporting in the creation and execution of a variety of workshops. Starting with inclusive wellbeing training with all staff, Georgia provided a perfect mix of theory and discussion. She was incredibly engaging and helped to explain key concepts of psychological safety and how it presents itself at work. We were able to continue this journey by providing further training for management on how to navigate challenging discussions around mental health. Georgia designed interactive sessions to offer managers a more practical and effective learning experience. All workshops have been very positively received and we can see how the learning has embedded at an organisational level. Georgia has been so refreshing to work with - she brings her all into each project and remains committed and supportive throughout."
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